4 elements know before going to play in World of Tanks Blitz


The new generation is passionate about action games, and one of the top viral games is World of Tanks Blitz. The game is full of adventure and action so that we will enjoy much on it. In which you will see various weapons, tanks, vehicles, bombs, missiles, and many more things. It is free to play, and you can download the game by the Google store. For advanced features, we have to go with paid versions of it. The game is all about live battles, and you will team up with friends.  The players will face many challenging tasks, but they are making the real gameplay.

The game has millions of online players, and they are ready for fighting. The player can increase our fighting skills, and enough amount of currency is used for levelling up. There are several elements present, so you can read them.

Choose tanks

More than 100 vehicles and tanks are available, and they all are beneficial for battles. Before going to any fight, the players have to choose tanks. You can customize the tanks, and many advanced options are placed on it.  Add many new features of tanks and make it powerful for surviving long in the battleground.

7vs7 battles

The wars are a collection of different kinds of fighting modes, and the game provides us solo, multiplayer, social friends’ mode for making it amazing. Each battle gives some amount of currency, and anyone can rank his team rating high.

Various locations

About 23 different locations are for battles, and you can add it on the beginning of any fight. Most of them are locked, so you have to open it for more pleasure. Each location has some characteristics, and they are making it deadly.

Guns and equipment

Lots of guns and equipment is the best tool for wining any wars. The player has to concern about it. The tanks must be equipped with high ranged weapons because in which you are competing with powerful teams. Add many new guns by some amount of currency.