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  • Things that are wrong with society

    Humans are made of cells and tissues. It is a very complicated structure and guesses that is the reason why there are so complex. It is not easy to understand human and the mind. People do a lot of things and many seem to be illogical but they find it amusing. The society is changing. Things are completely different to what it was a few decades back. In fact, every day has something different and something is not acceptable. We all want to be happy but that is not the case. Here are some things that are wrong with the society. Not looking into all sides of a coin In this world, there is actually no right or wrong. It all depends on the way to visualize certain things. However, the present society is more biased to what they find right or what they actually believe in. The worst thing is that they want everyone to feel or believe the same way. This leads to argument and hatred. We are not living in a world to hate. We want to live a prosperous life and that would be possible only if we learn to be unbiased and consider all the situations and belief. You never know whose point of view would change yours. We are open to challenge We take the comment as a challenge that needs to be fought. We have become more rebellious and the fact is that it isn't required. We want to show the world that we aren’t afraid of anything or do not fear. To prove it we are always ready with our ammunition, may that be our mouth or our hands. If someone kiddingly says that the guy is afraid of the fight he is ready to jump off a building to move them wrong. They don’t think twice that that acts might put an end to their lives. It's all about “Me” Society now feels that the greatest happiness means to keep oneself happy. There do the thing that makes them happy and not considering what is going around. They tend to ignore or not that the greatest happiness is not to make oneself happy but to make others happy. Help a needy and see feel that ‘Thank you’ that he gives you that would be an impression for the rest of their lives. People do what they love to do, neglecting their parent and their happiness. They seem to not care about them, they are resilient to them. No matter if you get happiness out of it but that is not going to last for long. But the happiness that you give your parent is going to leave a forever impression on the life of your parent and this thing would always make you happy. The social media It is undeniable that the social media has a positive impact on how to connect to our loved and new ones. However, these complicated humans are actually using the social media disconnect them with the loved and new ones that are sitting just beside them. We are constantly peeking into the phone in search to make friends however ignoring the friends that are sitting behind us. It is ironic. Conclusion The society has changed and also the habits. We are on the dawn to become robots, and by that I mean emotionless.