Learn the Basics of Currencies in Family Zoo: The Story


Varieties of games are added on the internet, and we can select anyone from there, and the most demanded game is Family Zoo: The Story.  It is the right place for fun and enjoyment. The game is for android and IOS, and millions of online players are present on it. In which you will see a big zoo and you the owner of it. The players have to expand it with cute animals and puzzles are advantageous part of the game. Anyone can not go forward without enough amount of currency, and you can quickly get the currency by Family Zoo the Story Hack.

Uses and types of currencies

The game is a collection of many kinds of resources and currencies like coins, tickets, lives, and boosters. They all are leading part of the game, and we have to concern them. Collect much amount of it to unlock and complete targets.


It is one of the basic currencies of the game and uses it to add more and more animals in the zoo and interact with tasks. You can get a high amount of it by completing various events, and the players have to save it for future use.


Tickets are the unique currency, and for access to many challenging tasks, we have to spend it. The players can quickly solve the 3 match puzzles in the game by it. Numbers of tickets are used for unlocking many new objects.


It is also the currency and lives are for making the boosters. The players will get more chances to complete the tasks, and we have to obtain many lives. At the beginning of the game, we will get some free currency, and you can also earn it by Family Zoo the Story Hack.


Boosters are enhancing your playing skills, and such are solving many problems on puzzles. We can buy it more boosters by investing more currency, and the player can also create them.