The guideline basics of the game Marvel Contest of Champions


In this present world the people felt very busy upon their jobs, studies etc in daily basis and they only got few hours to relax their minds. So in the leisure time they don’t know how to spend their time in a better way. For relaxing and for getting energies for your mind this game Marvel contest of Champions is the best one and it will give you a refreshing feel when you play it. This game will be work on the android platforms and it is easy to install in your smart phones. This game is also works on the ios platforms too. This game is released by the marvel games and the kabam marvels in the year 2014.

There are lot of games are available in the play store. This game is also downloaded more than a million. The marvel gaming company is a well known company around the world. So the game developed by them is also famous throughout this universe. In this game marvel contest of champions cheats involves in the marvel comics hero characters and the marvel cinema hero characters are all united into a one platform to engage a fight in between them. This game will attract the kids and the teenagers because the attack mode of the various hero characters and their style of fighting are unique from the other games. Each and every characters of this game is well designed and well placed inside the high graphical platform

The features and the hero characters power value in this game

This game is full of 3d based object like structure placed it on the 2d plane structure. The quality of this outcome game app is so attractive with good new technology multiplayer game play. In this game play you can choose your heroes to play for your side. In this game play the high level difficulty will makes you to fell difficult. For playing this game wisely and neatly you have to study the user guide of this game or see the basic trick tutorials for getting higher hit points. In this game there is a fast, medium, light attacks are available for the player to play. So choose the better shot and play the game in your own style to win the battle. For the beginners this game will be seen like a tougher one. After playing a few battles you will fully understand the nature of the play.

The offence and the defense modes are available for the player in the battle field. Choosing of the right hero for the right arena is a difficult one in the starting. There are different locations are available in this game, the locations such as Cosmic, Tech, Science, Mutant, Mystic, Skill. Each characteristic heroes will be famous based on the specific locations say example, The mutant hero like wolverine is famous in the mutant location. So make the selection wise and then choose the right hero for the different locations. The strength of the heroes will also differ in the different upgrades. The upgrade will be there for all the super heroes to defend and defeat the opponent with the use of his full power.