The main objectives of the Dragon Ball Legends! Few mentioned in the article


If you love to play the fighting games, then the Dragon Ball Legends is the right choice for you, especially if you have an excellent smartphone along with you all the time. The playing of the mentioned game is quite tricky, and there is a lot of searches shown on the internet about the tips for the game. However, if you love to have decent help in the game, you can use the Dragon Ball Legends cheats for the above purpose.

From this article you will learn the main objectives of the game Db Legends. After reading the article, you may find yourself at the better to place to know the main items and goals of the game.


The primary and essential goals of the game are to make the parties of the character. It is highly necessary to create a group of actors to win battles in the story mode, PvP mode, or in challenging section. The more you join a character to your party, the more you will see the battles in the game.

Use of soul boost

Using the ability of soul boost is also a decent thing to do. You use the soul boost for enhancing the stats of each character. By increasing and boosting the stats of the game, you become able to win more battles against the strong opponents.

Equipment in the game

Another of the ways increasing the stats of the game is using the materials. It is better to use all the available items to upgrade the stats and abilities of the character. Dragon Ball Legends cheats can also apply to promote the powers of players.